Swiza Sheffield Bolla Petite Brass Red Face Bubble Crystal Alarm Clock

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

One of Swiza Sheffield's more recognizable models, this mid-century “bubble” timepiece just screams optimism for the future. Here we sit in the future and…well, it’s complicated. But we digress. This clock has served mankind for over 50 and has a few surface marks on the brass to show for it. But in general, it is very good condition. The impressively rounded glass bezel is clean, the vibrant red face is unmarred, and it keeps good time. 8 day wind up. Alarm works.

3" H x 2" Deep x 2.75" Diameter

Please note vintage "8 day" clocks generally do not last a full 8 days before needing winding. 

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Collections: Alarm Clocks, Brass, Red

Type: Clock

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