1960s “Flower Child” Nude in Meadow with Daisies, Mid Century Painting in Yellows, Greens, F.M. Tauriello

I Like Mikes Mid Century Modern

Can a piece of art give you a “come hither” look? The answer is obviously yes. This classic 1969 painting by Frank Tauriello is called Flower Child, though we can’t help but think it is more a fantasy about a pretty young nude in a daisy meadow then a political statement about ending war (the flower child raison d'être). Although, given the hippie motto of “Make Love, Not War”, it all sort of relates after all…in other words, there are clearly better ways to spend your time.

This is a print on board, with a matte surface that gives it a more substantial feel than you would get from a flat print. The condition of the image is excellent. The gilded front of the solid wood frame adds to the charm. There are some minor scuff marks on the wood frame, but overall this stunning mid-century wall art is in wonderful condition, with a big wow factor.

26" H x 19.75" x 1.75 Deep

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