Jaeger LeCoultre 8-Day Folding Yellow & Brass Alarm Clock

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

Top of the line, people--top of the line. In the early middle part of the last century, if you were rich and you traveled (which of course you did) this is the clock you or one of your also rich family members purchased for your journey. It is Swiss made, all metal--lacquered brass, to be specific--with a glass face and modern typeface. Only minimal signs of age and it drips with quality. An 8-day wind up. Everything works and it folds up effortlessly. With a white face, glow in the dark number markers and a whole lot of yellow deco panache.


Sits 3" H x 3" D x 2.25" W
Folded: 3.25" D x 2.25" W x 1" D

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