Panasonic High Intensity Green Eyeball Desk Lamp

I Like Mike's Mid-Century Modern


Panasonic's ultra-atomic and very rare version of the late mid century High Intensity desk lamp, this one in hip green. They really went the extra mile to outshine the others with that curvy spaceship looking base. And just to rub it in to the competition, they threw in a slider dimmer switch. It's hard not to smile at the dimmer suggestions built into the base: "Working Light", "Reading Light", "Television Light", "Night Light". What else could you possibly need light for? This model uses the standard 12 volt automobile bulb, has a telescoping neck and swivel eyeball shroud. It has only the most minor of surface marks on the shroud. In short, this lamp is in excellent condition and very cool.

19" H; 3" Diameter (Head); Base is 5" D x 5" H x 4" W

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