Vintage Bovano Long Enameled Green Blue Modern Plate

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

The artistry of Bovano is legendary. By fusing powdered glass to metal, mainly copper, they’ve created beloved pieces of decorative enameled art—generally featuring flora and fauna—for decades. More rarely, they’ve created pieces with a modern, or perhaps you might say mid-century modern aesthetic, of which this long gorgeous plate is a good example. Given the era, and the artful cuts on either side, it likely doubled as an ashtray…but few people will even recognize that these days. It is a gorgeous center piece. The material is copper that has been enameled black on the underside, and beautiful green on the top, with a decorative element of blue and gold. There is a slight inclusion where the big blue circle joins the green--the enamel is raised a bit, which you can feel more than see. Also bit of crazing here and there, but overall the condition is good. A really pretty piece.

18.5" L x 6.25" W x .5" H

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