Frank Sinatra Musical Figurine “I’ve Got The World On A String”, Franklin Mint

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

Dapper, handsome, and probably the best singer who ever of course Franklin Mint had to make a Frank Sinatra doll, and of course it had to sing. This is the 1956 Sinatra, the year his album “This is Frank” was released. The figure is made of hard molded plastic and is quite detailed, down to the piercing blue eyes. The microphone moves so that he can catch it with that cool cat outstretched hand. The back drop is a mini gold record of ‘I’ve Got The World On a String”, and if you push a button on the bottom you’ll get to hear a few bars of him singing it. The condition is very good, circa 1999. A great gift for the Frankophile in your life, which may just be you.

 8” H x 4” Diameter (the base)

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