Silkscreen on Lucite, Modern Classics Series-Henri Matisse "Nude with Oranges” Nude Figure Silver & Black, Orange Yellow

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

Matisse was prolific, lucky for us, and he drew many a nude, as well as many apples and many oranges. This silkscreen of a Matisse, on Lucite, is clearly a nude woman, but whether these are apples (as the card taped to the back suggests) or oranges, as they are more often identified in this painting for obvious reasons…well, who knows, and does it even matter? We know that this wall hanging is from a 1960s series called Modern Classics, and that the vivid colors and interesting layered effect of the painting on Lucite is quite charming. There is some minimal loss of the graphic, but the overall impression of the work is still quite good.

The Modern Classics Series featured works of contemporary modern art that were hand silk-screened onto acrylic for wall hangings that could be grouped loosely by artist and style. Not only are the paintings they represent modern, but this unique way of presenting them was also quite fresh and new. They date from the 1960’s, featuring 20th Century works that were already classics of modern art at that point.

See our Modern Classics Series here.

10.5" H x 8.5" W x .5" D

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