Vintage Nude Paint by Numbers Painting, Newly Framed, "Woman Reclining"

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

Behold the appeal of Paint By Numbers. The iconic flatness, the blocks of saturated pastels, mass produced yet individually painted. Add nudity to the genre and you have something disarming, terrific--and rare.

This beauty is part of a trio but stands (or rather reclines) on her own just fine. Painting is from the 1950s, newly framed at Brooklyn's Make A Frame. Wide wood frame with distressed metallic finish complements the pinks and grays perfectly. Minor surface damage to the painting is to be expected after 60+ years, but in general it is in very good condition.

Please note that we are selling these three paintings individually--the photo of the three included here is for your reference only.

15.25" H x 19.25" W x .5" D

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