Brass Brutalist Abstract Tennis Player Sculpture Decorative Crafts Inc.

I Like Mike's Mid-Century Modern

Brutalist sculpture of a tennis player in mid-service motion, cast in solid brass. It’s supposed to be abstract, which it is, but have you ever seen a freeze frame of a pro tennis player in mid-swing? Veins are popping, tendons are taut, muscles are bulging, all in a seemingly exaggerated state of intensity. Only that’s how it really happens, so although this artist was quite skilled in their execution of an abstraction, they also were quite successful in showing it exactly like it is. Maybe that’s what great art is – multiple, simultaneous layers skillfully placed into a vessel, then we see the layers we want to see. Or do they choose us? Well, this was way too deep for a glorified tennis trophy but what’s done is done. Just kidding, it’s WAY better than most tennis trophies – believe me, I’ve won quite a few and they’re junk. Just once I’d like to get something as wonderful as this piece after popping my veins, tauting my tendons and bulging my muscles in some club tournament. Seriously, you’d have to win some low-level pro tournament before the quality of the trophy would rival this sculpture. So save your body, cough up the $189 and bypass the broken bones retirement at 32 that awaits most pro players.

Perfect condition. Cast solid brass, base is molded resin made to look like solid wood.

15" H x 4.5" x 6"; Base is 4" x 4" x 3.5"

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