Vintage Fase Boomerang 64 Desk Lamp in Grey and Black

I Like Mike's Mid-Century Modern

This lamp, a model designed and manufactured in Spain between 1965 and 1970, personifies the Mid Century Modern desk lamp to a tee! You've got UFO stylings, cantilevered design, heft, no, Heft, and best of all, a free-spinning, ball bearing-ized base that allows the user (possibly you) to spin the lamp 360 degrees without getting tangled up in the cord! Do you (yes, you) have any idea how much extra trouble it takes engineering and materials-wise to make a two-part base that allows the bottom half to stay put whilst (yes, whilst) the top half spins but at the same time keeps an electrical connection running through it? Do you? Well, maybe you're an electrical engineer and you do. If so, please skip the next sentence. If you aren't and you don't then ALOT! These lamps, originally commissioned by Spain's fascist Franco regime and designed for Spanish civil service workers and military personnel,  were made to work, no Work. It easily swivels wherever you swivel it, the articulating shroud holds position wherever you position it and the locked and loaded double light bulbs throw a killer amount of light, obliterating the darkness is getting a bit violent I suppose. I think I was channeling the fascist military dudes that a lot of these were made for. Shame on me...okay I'm over it now. Go fascists! Great lamp guys! What's a little oppression when you can stare at a great lamp like this all day? Once again, great job Spanish Meanies!


This particular lamp is in extremely fine original condition, showing just a few very minor nicks and a couple of scratches. New sockets and wiring were installed. Original switch works well. Glass diffuser is new, not original, but fits, looks and functions perfectly. The shroud is mildly bent around the swivel. Nothing major -- probably happened when one of the Majors heard the news: Franco is Dead. (upside down exclamation point) "Ay no, Dios Mio!" And before the Major knew it, he struck the shroud of the lamp in despair..."Ay no, mi lampa hermosa, lo siento, I am so sorry. I will meees you mi amor, mi luce, my light (he watched a lot of American war films so he knew some broken English. Also, I know some broken Spanish.) Adios mi beautiful Fase, and I hope you find a home in 40 years in Williamburg, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.! (his hand to his ear) What's that it is you are asking? Si, esta lugar, Williamsburg circa 1975, es muy terible ahora pero en la futura, Muchos how do you say, "Hipsters" will spend muchos dolares a comprar, uh, large, roomless rooms with concrete floors that are soaked with the blood and sweat of underpaid and under-aged factory workers from the turn of the century through the 60s. (hand to ear again) What's that you are weeeespering mi lampa? Sounds like Franco leeeeves? (big smile) Si! Vive Franco! In the floors, walls and the industrial sludge oozing into the basements of the Williamsburg lofts, Franco lives! You will feel right at home!


(Cut to now. If you happen to live in Williamsburg and are a Hipster and for some odd reason were in any way offended by the preceding description of a product, please ignore it and buy this great lamp anyway. Show it a better way. Illuminate for him, fair wages, clean bathrooms, flex time, maternity leave for men, employee volleyball courts and best of all, a great view of Manhattan! Home of the even better fascists! Again, just kidding around here. All of this persecuting of fascists has to stop.


Restored with new wiring, socket, and glass diffuser.

15.5" H x 21" W; Shroud is 12" Diameter

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