Pair Goya La Maya Desnuda & La Maya Vestida

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern


These are museum quality prints on heavy canvas paper, which have been framed (not professionally, but nicely) in ornate wood silver frames that set them off well. Quite the sensation Goya made with these paintings, way back in 1797, the same woman in the same position, dressed in one and nude in the other. Pretty clever. And considering the amount of work that went into executing the feat...not merely a whim, more a way of seeing the world. This work would forever be credited as creating a distinction between the classical nude, an idealized goddess in nature, and the naked woman, shown without clothes inside her own home (gasp!).  A nice set, even if The Spanish Inquisition did not approve. Which they didn't. 

17" x 20.5" x 1" D


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Type: Wall Decor & Art

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