Large Lucite & Brass Modern Pendulum Wall Clock from 1980s

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

Neo Deco '80s acrylic and brass design makes a real statement on your wall. Quartz battery movement keeps great time. Sure you can look at your phone for the time. Or your TV, or your computer, or your tablet and of course your toaster. But I'd rather look at this piece of kinetic floating wall sculpture. The rest of those gadgets are making your life shorter. This hypnotizing clock is so relaxing that it is guaranteed to actually add years to your life.*

*I'm not going to say that this statement is a 100% BS, but I will admit that I did play fast and loose with the terms "guaranteed" and "add", so please use good judgment when reading said statement. But it is definitely true that watching a clock does somehow seem to lengthen time...just, as my legal advisor said, not necessarily yours.

36" H x 12.5" W x 2" D

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Type: Clock

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