Brass Deco Adjustable Bauhaus Flying Saucer Desk Lamp

I Like Mike's Mid-Century Modern

Iconic flying saucer deco desk lamp from the 30s or 40s. Adjustable arm holds position anywhere and heavy base stays put. That's the only way they made things back then -- to work, no, to WORK. Completely rewired all the way up through the arm and into the shroud -- a tedious, multi-hour job. Single standard socket underneath original diffuser. Arm is solid brass, shroud and base are brass plated steel.


As you can see from the pics, the plating on the shroud is pretty faded in places and it looks as though something splashed on it that removed the plating in those spots. This was probably on some foreman's desk who actually worked for a living -- sure he had to sit at the desk in the shop at the end of the shift and do the paper work, but he was down there in the trenches with the men the rest of the shift, most likely working with giant vats of acid that somehow helped to facilitate the Industrial revolution and make this country strong, no, STRONG. And once in a while some acid-laced sweat dripped off his brow, onto the shroud of this new "fancy" desk lamp that he got from his boss for passing the "Ten Thousand Vats of Acid" mark. He actually liked this new, "Modern" lamp (but couldn't admit such to the guys in the shop), and yeah, now a few spots of brass plating were washed away. Yeah so what of it? You're thinking maybe he did it on purpose? Maybe. Maybe too fancy just wouldn't work on his desk. Not on his time. Not on his shift. "Acid holes on my lamp it is", he says to himself as he, just for good measure, gives the shroud few swipes with his acid-sweat laced bandana. Then, as his men clocked out for the day, they walked by his desk remarking, "Fancy new lamp, boss". "Not too fancy", he replies. "Not too fancy at all..."


Fancy but not too fancy can work for you too... buy this lamp and Keep America Strong.


12" H x 15" D; Shroud is 13" Diameter, Base is 8.25" Diameter


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Type: lighting

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