Brooklyn Bridge Cityscape in Grey by Bernard Buffet 1958

I Like Mike's Mid-Century Modern

Bernard Buffet was quite an accomplished artist and character. And as tormented as he was, I think he would actually get a kick out of how tormented this cityscape of his looks. And yet it still holds your attention. Lots of water damage, considerable deterioration of the finish and a few trophy gouges from a bar fight (perhaps the truth?) and still, the first think you think when you see this piece is "Ahh, the Brooklyn Bridge..." You know you're good when 30% still makes your point.

Condition: If you weren't paying attention, I'll say it again: BEAT TO HELL. (But definitely still totally hang-up-able) Enjoy!

P.S. We can't find this exact painting or print anywhere else, so we think that makes it worth its weight in water-logged cardboard.

42 W x 19 H x 1.2 D


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Type: Wall Decor & Art

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