Chicago Limited Edition Framed Serigraph by R. Addison

I Like Mike's Mid-Century Modern

Beautifully haunting serigraph of Robert Addison's watercolor of Chicago, somewhere at or near Michigan Boulevard. More than likely a commercial project for a client who then had a number of high-quality prints made to offer to clients or as premiums to their customers. As such, this particular work, dating from the late 60s, is no longer available and will most likely not be available through commercial re-printing houses. Richly offered up in a copper-colored frame under a canvas mat covered with glass. Frame has a few minor nicks. This piece is in very fine condition overall with one crease across the top which, frankly, blends in well enough to go nearly imperceptible, except for under the most scrutinizing of eyes. And those people aren't really your friends anyway, so let them scrutinize, then (you) smile and agree, and, then, finally, never have them over for barbeque again.




24 H x 21.75 W x .5 D

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