Columbia Clock Radio Telephone, White, New Old Stock, 1990s

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

These days, we don’t need to seek out clocks that are also radios that are also telephones, they are in our pockets. But, that was a fairly novel triple-play combination in the 1990s. And oh how cool this one is! A visually impressive white—not the typical black of run-of-the-mill clock radios—it lends itself to a modern décor where the details matter. It is new old stock, meaning it is unused and in excellent condition. There is, however, a distinct hum in the phone line, perhaps from non-use. But hey, you probably have other phones you can use for long conversations. Like the aforementioned one in your pocket. This one will wake you up with the news, or music, and look fantastic doing it.

11" L x 4" H x 2.5"


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