Cram's Light Up Globe Weather Station

I Like Mike's Mid-Century Modern

The Cram name is legendary in globe making. We love this one because it combines three of our favorite things: globes, weather stations, and lighting! If you have never spent time spinning and looking at a globe, you should--the perspective it gives about this world we live on is illuminating (even when the light is off). This one combines that with three weather gauges (hygrometer, thermometer, barometer) which deepens the perspective even more. As a beautiful piece of sculpture in its own right, this globe can be displayed prominently in your home and provide soft pretty light (and a wealth of interesting information) any time.

Though similar in style to many globe weather station combinations of the 1960s, this globe is circa 1992, after the dissolution of the USSR. The condition is very good, with only the most minimal surface wear on the globe and the wood base. All gauges work, wiring is in good condition.

15" H x 11" Diameter; Base is 7" D x 11" W

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