FOLON Framed Original Exhibition Poster 1977, Alice Editions, Printed in Italy

I Like Mikes Mid Century Modern

Jean Michele Folon was a renowned Belgian artist and graphic designer in the 20th century, and posters were at the heart of his work. This is an original framed Folon poster, printed by Alice Editions in 1977 for what seems to be an exhibit of Folon’s work in Italy, where many Folon posters were likely featured…a bit of meta fun. The poster itself has a playful sense of humor, a hallmark of Folon’s work. His posters are highly sought after. The condition of this one is fair, not excellent, due to some rippling and perhaps a bit of fading (so even, however, that it may just be a more subdued print), which is why it is the price that it is. The framing alone would cost close to that. This great piece is ready to hang, and as a bonus you will look very knowledgeable about 1970s poster art. (Perhaps you ARE very knowledgeable about it, which is the whole reason you googled “FOLON” to begin with...)

31" H x 23" W x .25" D

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