Horse Head Modern Abstract Cast Aluminum Table Sculpture

I Like Mike's Mid-Century Modern

Horses are just plain beautiful. So it’s a tough premise when an artist chooses this animal as a subject. In other words, even mediocre equestrian art somehow passes muster much of the time just because it invokes the beauty of its subject in our minds, making us look past the average or even bad depiction of such. Female nudes have the same affect but now I’m getting off the subject. I sure do like those nudes though. Even the bad ones…ANYWAY…this particular piece of sculptural art depicting a horse head cast in aluminum definitely justifies its subject matter by bringing some serious skill, familiarity and heart to the table. In its own abstract way, this sculpture itself is as beautiful as the horse it’s representing, which is why we’re thrilled to be offering it up as part of our MCM collection. Abstract but not too abstract – it’s definitely a horse and not a unicorn, or a Pegasus, or any sort of mythical illustration in a fantastical kids’ novel. It’s a horse – a gorgeous, nearly perfect, but mortal, vision of what we actually have on earth living beside us. Go see one live, in living color the next time you can. Touch him if you can. Listen to him breathe. Watch him watching you and the world around him. Connect with him and you’ll see there’s few experiences like it. In the meantime buy this worthy representation and tap into that energy inside of your home. It will move you, guaranteed. Also he won’t bite your fingers off or kick you in the head. So long suckers! Just kidding. Horses are great and so is this sculpture.

Cast aluminum, shows a few surface scratches but nothing that detracts, 100% structurally sound and even though it’s aluminum, this sculpture has some notable heft. Enjoy!

13" H x 10" W x 6.5" D; Base is 8" x 3.25" x 1"

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