Italian Wooden Inlay Turning Boat Music Box, Plays Torna a Surriento

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

This is an old and beautifully crafted wooden music box--probably from Italy--that plays the romantic and hugely popular standard Torna a Surriento (covered by everyone from Sinatra to Meat Loaf), an ode to Sorrento Italy written in 1908. The wood inlay is quite lovely, as is the melody. When the top is opened, the song plays as the boat turns slowly around. There are wooden grooves inside the compartment, perhaps for offering cigarettes as the boat turns around to each guest (this is a mid-century piece, after all, when cigarettes were on the menu at every tasteful affair). The condition is quite good--the wood retains an even sheen, the inlay is all intact, and the music and turning mechanisms work exactly as they should. A unique and charming conversation piece for anyone's home.

13" L x 4" H x 3" D


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