Jaeger LeCoultre 8-day Folding Black & Brass Alarm Clock

I Like Mike's Mid-Century Modern

Top of the line, people--top of the line. In the early middle part of the last century, if you sought the very best in time pieces in the early middle of the last century and you had the means to procure said very best, you bought a Jeager LeCoultre folding travel clock like this one. It is Swiss made, all metal--lacquered brass, to be specific--with a glass face and modern typeface. It is gorgeous and feels in your hand like what it is, a well-crafted high-quality clock. Only minimal signs of age (including a little bend, barely noticeable, in the bottom right side) and it drips with quality. An 8-day wind up. Everything works and it folds up effortlessly. With a white face, glow in the dark number markers and a whole lot of deco modern panache.

Sits 3" H x 3" D x 2.25" W

Folded: 3.25" D x 2.25" W x 1" D

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