Koch & Lowy Modern Brass Cantilever Desk Lamp # 2

I Like Mike's Mid-Century Modern

Lamp #2 is on the right. Exquisitely modern take on a banker's lamp in solid brass by Koch & Lowy. Simple and elegant single arm cantilevered design makes this piece as much a piece of sculpture for your desk as it is a healthy source of light. Shroud swivels and tilts to aim the light just where you need it. Control the amount of illumination with its built-in dimmer. As always, the craftsmanship and materials are top-shelf with Koch & Lowy. They were so dedicated to being the best in their field that they had their own machine shop on the premises where they fabricated all of their own lamp parts. Lamp parts that are still primo today because they look and function like they did on day one. As such the shroud stays put in any position, period. Lamp #2 has no major issues other than a couple of very minor scratches which are hardly noticeable. No dents or dings. When the pics were taken, the arm was leaning a bit to the left as seen. There was just a minor adjustment which was needed and the arm is now perfectly straight. Again, this joint was made to be adjustable and is supposed to swivel a bit. All perfect now. As will be the strong modern line that this piece will cut through the airspace above your desk.

14.5" Deep x 13" H x 7.25" W

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