Lady with Hat Nagel Like Large Mirror, 1980s

I Like Mike's Mid-Century Modern

This stunning 1980's decorative mirror wall hanging is large and in charge. From the shiny gold frame to the Nagel like mystery woman in her oversized hat and pearls, this mirror could not be more of its time--and yet, it stands the test of time, as all gorgeous things do. The mirror is in PERFECT condition, owing to the foresight of the designers, who put the graphics on the inside of the glass instead of on top, as is often seen with this type of mirror. The frame is 100% structurally sound but has some scratching on all sides, pictured. Aesthetically, the frame is fine as a whole...and let's face it, all eyes are on the dame anyway.

41.5" x 41.5; Mirror only is 35.25 x 35.25; depth off wall is 2"

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