Pair Eden Big Eyes Moppet Girl Harlequin Cylinder Dresser Lamps

I Like Mike's Mid-Century Modern

This was definitely a mid-century thing. Around the same time that Margaret Keane was painting big eyed children, and her husband Walter was passing them off as his own, someone (or some entity) named Eden was making very similar work. Perhaps inspired by the Keane success...or maybe big eyed moppets were just in the zeitgeist? Not even Google seems to know who Eden was. Another suburban mom/secret artist perhaps, or a nom de plum used by an enterprising decor company wanting to cash in on mid-century Big Eye mania. Who knows? Certainly not us.

We can talk more definitively about this charming pair of cylinder dresser lamps. More mood lighting than illumination, they date from the 1960s and feature several of Eden's well known Harlequins. They are in very good vintage condition. There is a minor scuff on one plastic base, but no rips or tears. Light weight (only 7 ounces each), as these lamps always are.

11" H x 5" Diameter

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Type: lighting

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