Pair Mid Century Modern Still Life Wall Hangings on Wood, Moret 1962

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

The Illinois Molding Company decorated a whole lot of stylish mid-century homes, and we’re still grateful today, especially when we gaze upon a terrific pair of wall hangings like these. The artist is signed Moret, who may or may not have been a real person. We love how much the style is similar to the work of Bernard Buffet, who definitely was a real person, and who created a hallmark look still recognizable today, even if names like Buffet and Moret are not.

Printed directly on wood, this handsome pair remains in excellent condition. We don’t always know the history, but in this case, we can tell you that these scenes hung on the wall of one happy and loving Brooklyn home for over 50 years. Now, they’re ready to bring good vibes and 1960's style to yours.

 32" H x 13.75" W x .5" Deep



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