Pair Thin San Francisco Scenes in Black & White by John Irwin Friedman, 1969

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

This charming pair of black and white images are signed by John Irwin Friedman, and marked 1969. Friedman was known for his drawings of San Francisco in particular, and these two are classic, featuring the Golden Gate and a neighborhood street car scene, in case you had any doubt what town we are talking about. 

One of the pair is missing glass, which you can easily replace once it is at your home. We have factored this into the price

Otherwise, the condition of the prints is excellent, and though the wood frames show some minor wear, the impact of the pair is great. The sticker on the back of each from the frame shop is almost as vintage-charming as the art.

Each one is 18.5" x 6.5" x .5"


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