Panasonic High Intensity Red Eyeball Desk Lamp With Steel Switch Panel

I Like Mike's Mid-Century Modern

Don't let the fact that we have three of Panasonic's ultra-atomic High Intensity desk lamps fool you--they are rare! The Japanese really went the extra mile to outshine the others with this curvy spaceship looking base. And they threw in a slider dimmer switch just because they could, like bragging. (You have to love the settings--"Working Light", "Reading Light", "Television Light", "Night Light"). This model uses the standard 12 volt automobile bulb, has a telescoping neck and swivel eyeball shroud. Note that there is a small white spot on the red ball shroud, and the dimmer panel shows some surface wear...but everything functions well.

 19" H; 3" Diameter (Head); Base is 5" D x 5" H x 4" W

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Type: lighting

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