Phinney Walker Square Brass White Face 1963 Allstate Clock

I Like Mike's Mid-Century Modern

This handsome "Heritage" model brass mantel clock is classic yet modern. After I wrote that sentence, I found the original advertisement for this clock, where they called it "modern and distinguished looking", which is basically the same thing. Must be true! It cost a whopping $27.50 in 1962--definitely a high-end time piece. The sleek number markers and the airplane motif tell us it is from the atomic age even before we read the inscribed words at the top of the solid brass case that place it clearly in 1963. It has been professionally updated with a special miniature quartz battery movement; it runs quietly and keeps perfect time. It was good enough for the billion-dollar Allstate big-wigs so it is certainly good enough for the rest of us.

 5" H x 6" W x 2" D

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Type: Clock

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