Polished Brass Curved Swan Neck Glass Shroud Desk Lamp, Re-Crafted

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

Crafted from two separate vintage lamps, both of which were individually beyond repair, this is a deluxe brass desk lamp with a graceful swan neck and an elegant yellow glass shroud. There is some plating loss on the curved neck, but the rest of the lamp is solid brass that has been hand polished to overcome pitting that was nearly beyond repair. It features a new high-end socket, new swivel and new wiring. The vintage base is from another lamp (the original base of the lamp had broken). The shroud swivels all around and holds position well. A very elegant desk lamp.

27" H x 9.75" W 19" D; Shroud is 9.75" x 4" Diameter; Base is 7" x 4"

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