Round Brass Rope Wall Clock

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

Incredibly elegant piece in nearly mint condition, comprised of brass, glass and rope. These rope clocks were a thing in the mid century and certainly hold a place in that period's iconery. 8-day wind-up movement keeps good time for, well, not really 8 days but somewhere in that neighborhood. That's the way the 'new' 8-day movements were -- you certainly didn't have to wind your clock every day any more like in the Dark Ages, but if you wanted to hold it to the 8-day task, you may have been late for some things toward the end of the week. But seriously, keeping you current is what your phone is for. This clock is just plain pretty and will brighten your wall in a way your cell phone never will.

9.5" Diameter (face) x 16.5" H (including rope) x 1" D

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Type: Clock

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