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 Premium upcycled Seiko watch 11-8349

- 0.75" wide x 1.25" high face
- Unique dial shape with two-tone blue color blocked details
- Stainless steel strap with stretch clasp for easy on and off
- Stainless steel
- Manual wind up (no need for batteries!)

- In good condition
- Natural wear, scratches on face, bezel, strap, as seen in photos
- Pre-owned, cleaned, polished and tested professionally

Free shipping in the US! 
It will arrive in its own I Like Mike's box, ready to gift.

The I Like Mike's Watch Guarantee:

- 14-day exchange period for any comparably priced watch.
- Guaranteed to work for at least 1 year. If it stops running, send it back to us; if it needs a battery, we'll replace it, and if it still doesn't work, we'll give you full credit for a replacement watch in our watch shop.
- Return shipping costs not included in any of the above.