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This is an original signed Sonneman "Orbiter" chrome adjustable floor lamp in excellent condition—a slightly bigger version than the others you may have seen (and in our shop). Despite the incredibly refined engineering at work and the modern airy feel of this very versatile light, it is actually quite heavy thanks to the solid iron inside its chrome base. That allows for the arm and eyeball light to move effortlessly while the lamp itself stays put. It is difficult to photograph how amazingly elegant this lamp is, and the ease with which it moves, but if you’ve seen one in person you know that they are collectible for a reason.

Extends 41" from base, adjustable height from 72" (high) down to 34" (low); base is 14" diameter; eyeball Is 5.5" diameter

We have two other Sonneman floor lamps very similar to this one if you are looking for more than one.

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