Swiza Sheffield Bolla Petite Brass Round Crystal Alarm Clock

I Like Mike's Mid-Century Modern

One of Swiza Sheffield's more recognizable models, this space-agey timepiece just screams optimism for the future. "Too bad it can only tell time and not actually make it go faster because I want to see the future NOW!", said one particularly optimistic young and energetic new owner of this clock when it came out in the 60s. "We're here and it's not much better than it was then", says I, the owner of the clock here in 2015 back to that young and energetic guy. "So pipe down with your bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, happy-assed approach to things and just enjoy the clock for the fact that it looks really cool, because the future's coming anyway buddy, it's a comin' anyway..."

ANYWAY, this clock almost seems to have traveled in a time machine because it's in far better condition than one would expect after 50 years of service to mankind -- extremely fine condition as a matter of fact, with some very minor wear to the finish in a few places, but definitely nothing distracting. Otherwise no cracks to the crystal, runs fine, alarm works.


3" Diameter, 2.75" Deep

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Type: Clock

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