"Tahitian Beauty" by J.H.Lynch, Ornately Framed Beautiful Woman Mid-Century Print by Turner

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

There is nothing quite so uniquely mid-century as the unabashed embrace of big paintings of sultry women starring directly into the eyes of the painter (and us) with a come hither look. As a decor motif, it is positively retro. When the painting is rich and beautiful, and the woman is as mesmerizing as this one is, we can all be convinced that we need a little bit of retro wall art in our lives.

A print of an original painting by J.H. Lynch, it is slightly textured to emulate paint and has the sheen of an oil painting, which gives it a richness. The condition is quite good for a 1960's piece, with only one or two small (nearly imperceptible) blemishes on the art. The ornate wood frame is original, and is now completely intact, thanks to Mike's restoration expertise (see slideshow, below). 

28" H x 23.5" W x 2" Deep

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