The Sunbather by Charles Blackman - A Bay Print

I Like Mike's Mid-Century Modern

Charles Blackman was an incredibly talented painter. And his wonderful talent for painting was second only to his doubly wonderful talent for finding great places to sit on the beach. On this particular day he's found a naked woman whom to sit behind. And let's face it, many a man throughout history has been motivated to do many a thing while positioned in this position, most of which we would not have wanted saved for posterity. Thankfully, our man Charles just painted her posterity. And what a fine outlook they both have on this day, he she, and she the endless sea. His striking execution of aqua-blues and yellow-oranges conspires to make both foreground and background seem to go on forever. And isn't it extra-special that, in a painting which has "sun" in the title, there is no sun anywhere to be found. That's because your five-year-old didn't paint this for your fridge. And also, Mr. Blackman gives his sophisticated audience some credit for knowing one simple fact -- where's there's a beautifully-lit moon, somewhere closeby, there's a brilliant sun. So what's left? The stars of course. And the only star associated with this painting is Rupert Murdoch, who, they say, owns the original and has it proudly displayed in his Fifth Avenue penthouse in New York City. So here's the plan: Buy this VERY rare print of this great painting, then purchase a few newspapers and maybe a TV station, find your way onto the exclusive short list of invitees to one of his lavish penthouse parties, cozy up next to him and quickly discuss aaalllll of the things you have in common. Six seconds later, as security is escorting you out, 'accidentally' spill your wine on the original. Now you've won.

 32 W x 27 H x 1.25

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