Tony Graham Manhattan!! Poster in Original Red Frame 1978

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

The exuberance, the detail, the subject is all terrific. This work is well known, for obvious reasons, and this is an original framed edition from the time it was new. The red metal framing is perfectly chosen and was professionally executed at Art Images in California (their logo adds to the 1978 era charm). We love that someone had this print of East Coast Manhattan lovingly framed in sunny West Coast Long Beach, because it matches the overall optimism and fun of the drawing. And we love Tony Graham for depicting New York this way, despite the fact that at the time the town was going through some...well, let's just say some image problems.

There is a small, almost imperceptible divet in the glass at the bottom right corner, and there are minor signs of wear on the red frame (though it is 100% structurally sound). The print itself remains in excellent condition.

31.5" H x 25.25" W x .75" D

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