United Nations Watercolor in New York, New York by J. Jarry

I Like Mike's Mid-Century Modern

We can't seem to find any info on J. Jarry, but he or she was clearly an accomplished water colorist. In a medium that's not really known for being as detail-oriented as, say, pen and ink, there's a notably defined nature about this mid-century representation of the United Nations. Take a close look at the guy with the woman in the red dress...look really close at his head...what's that you see? ...His sideburn! That's one fine artist with one fine brush who, with one microscopic downward flick, perfectly conveyed the era in which this piece was created.

Painting (behind glass) itself is in very good condition with no issues. Frame is structurally fine and very cool but shows some wear to the finish. Mat has a water stain on the bottom right. Could easily be re-matted to suit your color scheme, or maybe we'll get around to re-matting it ourselves and then you won't be reading this particular sentence.

24.75 H x 19 W x .5 D

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