Victorian Style Tole Painted Westclox Alarm Clock

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

Lots of classical flare in a tiny package. Wind-up movement keeps good time, mildly audible tick, alarm works. A great way to class up the joint on a budget. If you're a woman, it will make perfect sense. If you're a guy, she'll like your sensitive side. If you're a guy and you like guys, that other guy will also like your sensitive side. And in the spirit of inclusivity, if you're a girl and you like girls, well, listen...I'm kinda guessing at this point but seriously, if you think for even a minute that they went cold on you because of your cool but notably frilly little clock, then good riddance. They just don't appreciate your sensitivity. But dammit, we here at I like Mike's sure as hell do. So if you're this, or that or anywhere in between, hell, even if every night is a mosh-pit in your bedroom, this clock will, without prejudice, let any and all who care to dignify it with a glance, know the time.

4.75" W x 1.25" D x 3" H


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Type: Clock

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