Vintage NY Transit Authority Museum Poster - Catch All The Trains You Missed, 1976

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

Catch all the trains you missed. More accurately, catch the cool New York Transit Museum Poster that you did not steal from the subway in 1976. Luckily, someone else did, and like a real New Yorker, he slapped it in a frame rakishly, with the backside of a cut up 1974 Newport Cigarette poster to fill in the sides where it didn't quite reach. Because you know what? There wasn't a swanky frame shop at 6th and B and anyway he had other things to do -- muggers to dodge and maybe a New York Dolls gig to get to down at Max's Kansas City. But he appreciated his transit history, and he needed to hide the hole in his wall with a little bit of panache, and honestly, who doesn't?

Here in 2016 NYC, they have cleaned up the City -- ridding it of its cigarettes and grit, and as well we've cleaned the glass in this frame, ridding it of it's decades-old fog comprised of tar, pervasive airborne profanity and, literally, grit. Some would say they liked it better the way it was but I say it's all still there, just better appreciated with clear lungs, a clear view and yes, no grit. Metaphorical grit is fine but literal grit ruins cities, salads and pictures enclosed in glass. But we left the rest of this slightly dodgy frame job because it's all part of the charm. But if you don't like charm, you can go f _ _ _  yourself a new frame job.  

30" W x 11" H x .5" D

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