Wards Mid Century Desk Telescope, Spotting Scope

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

Japan optics were arguably the best quality by far during the late mid century and this beautiful spotting scope with matching tripod is certainly evidence of such. Meticulously constructed of metal, plastic and glass (mostly metal), this rare piece is in great condition and all adjustments work with precision like the day it came off the line. The clarity is absolutely stunning! Forget about trying to see the rings around Saturn, do something useful with this baby – like getting the license plate number of that suspicious van that’s been parked three blocks away from your house for the last 48 hours straight…a few clicks on Google and come to find out it’s the neighbor’s son visiting with his family from some faraway place where, apparently, it’s okay if you drive a suspicious van. Dangerous times we live in. Dangerous, dangerous times. But you’re on it. Like suspicious on a stranger, you’re on it. Thank me later, ‘cause I know you’re busy neighborhood watchin’…

14" H x 11" L x 3" Diameter; 20" H down to 14.5"

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