White Modern Corian Confetti Abstract Flower Clock

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

No, this is not a old clock, and normally we are all vintage at I Like Mike's...but, hey, we like modern and this clock is definitely modern. Also, why buy new when you can buy...almost new?

Made from Corian, the miracle counter material of the last few decades, this white clock has a bit of heft to it, and it actually has many tiny flecks of color throughout, making it the most joyous version of white you can have. And joy is a great thing to combine with checking the time!

The slender black hands make it easy to read from across the room. They are every so slightly bent, something that is impossible to notice unless you have it about an inch from your face, which presumably you will not...and it has no impact on the functionality or aesthetic of this fun clock.

Quartz movement takes one double A battery.

11" Diameter x .5" Deep

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