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This elegant, compact modern floor lamp is the best of both worlds, brand new and yet also vintage. It will fit into the slimmest of spaces, bringing not one but two lights to a space that might otherwise have none. The glass tulip shrouds are multi-directional for use as either ambient or task lighting.

Made in the 1990s, it is what is called "new old stock", meaning it was never unpacked. We've made sure all the components are in good working order (yes they are), and we've replaced the original halogen bulbs with more efficient LED bulbs. Good workmanship and materials. Floor in-line switch. New (unused) condition.

62"H x 12" W at widest; Base is 11.5" diameter; Shrouds are 4.25" L x 2.75" diameter

Available with gold/amber or blue shrouds.