Furniture Restoration & Custom Build Services


Iconic Hans Olsen Dining Set, completely restored and reinvented by Mike, with wood replacing original laminate top & leather seats instead of vinyl

Specializing in the Restoration of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mike is an expert at the complete restoration of mid-century modern furniture. His problem-solving abilities and extremely detail-oriented personality are perfectly matched for the challenge of saving furniture from the ravages of time and use. The deconstructing and rebuilding of countless pieces has given him a deep knowledge and abiding appreciation for the materials and building techniques used in modern design in the middle of the last century. That expertise and experience allows him to bring a vintage piece back to the beauty it had when it was new.

Says Mike, "As I have worked on this furniture, I have developed a deep admiration for the original designers and manufacturers. They strove to envision and build furniture for our modern life, at the nexus of form and function, with clean lines and ultimate ease of use. It is my pleasure to restore their furniture to the level of excellence that they intended."

Complete restoration services are available, including:

  • Hand rubbed finishes on wood
  • Structural repairs
  • Complete Upholstery Services, including caning
  • Fabrication of broken parts, in both wood and metal
  • Professional Lacquering, Chroming and Powder coating

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High-Quality Custom Furniture Designed and Built for Your Exact Needs

There are times when only a custom built piece will do. Perhaps you had your heart set on a mid-century design but you have a particularly narrow space--Mike can design and build the perfect mid-century inspired table for you, to your exact measurements, often re-using vintage teak or walnut.. Maybe you simply want a piece of furniture that you find in your mind's eye but no where else.