About Watches

We are proud to offer an extensive selection of classic up-cycled Skagen, Seiko and Timex Brand Watches in remarkable vintage condition, at an excellent price.

Offering carefully curated analog wristwatches is a natural extension of our collection of vintage timepieces. After all, watches are clocks that you wear on your wrist. Focusing on the Skagen brand is a natural extension of our love for all things Danish Modern, which happily--thanks to Skagen--is not just for home furnishings. Likewise, offering Timex and Seiko watches comes naturally to us, as these are iconic vintage names of the 20th Century.

For generations, wristwatches (like clocks) have been more than a way to tell time, they have been a universal and functional way to adorn, whether a wall or your wrist. We resist the new era of watches that have an enigmatic dark screen much of the time and yet are constantly tracking our steps, telling the satellites where we are,  and demanding our attention.

Is that necessary? Who's in charge here anyway?

Many of our watches are from the mid-century, but many others are only a few years old--hardly "vintage" in the strict sense of the word. In fact, many have never been worn. And yet, they hail from another time, a time when you could walk away from Big Brother now and then (even if you just left him sitting on your desk while you went to the corner for some coffee.)

Our I Like Mike's Up-cycled Watch Promise:
You can gift our watches to yourself, or others, with confidence. 

-Like everything in our shop, our watches have been carefully selected for quality and style.
-All watches have been cleaned, polished, and refurbished in whatever way is needed. They tell time or we don't sell them.
-Batteries have all been replaced. Bands have been upgraded if needed, often with original Skagen bands.
-Should you need to, you may return your I Like Mike's Watch Shop watch within 14 days for a replacement watch. The watch ships for free; should you need to return, you will pay shipping one way only.