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Why buy new when you can buy better than new? I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern Furniture & Accessories offers the best of both worlds. Our pieces have the superior craftsmanship and materials of another era yet do not ask you to compromise your contemporary standards. Everything we sell has been meticulously curated, vetted, cleaned, and when necessary, restored. We will not sell clocks that don't tell time, lamps that don't light up, furniture with bum legs or upholstery that is skunked.


About Mike

My name is Mike and I have been called exacting. When I look at a mid-century piece, I admire the design, the materials, the craftsmanship--and yet I cannot help but notice any nicks, drink rings, dings, cracks, drawers that stick...the decades of wear can conspire to drive me crazy. There is not much I can do about this part of my personality. I see a gorgeous piece trapped under the wear and tear of decades and I yearn to liberate it. Luckily, I'm very good at doing just that.

To begin with, I search high and low for vintage and mid-century furniture and accessories that look and perform as well as they possibly can, or that are worthy of the time and effort that a restoration involves.  Sometimes a piece needs only a good cleaning, and other times my labor and attention are saving it from the landfill. I work on pieces in my Brooklyn basement workshop, to my own extremely exacting standards. I also rely on professional Brooklyn craftspeople I have found to lacquer and reupholster pieces. Each journey of restoration has its own demands and I endeavor to meet them.

"As I have worked on this furniture, I have developed a deep admiration for the original designers and manufacturers. They envisioned and built furniture for our modern life, at the nexus of form and function, with clean lines and ultimate ease of use. It is my pleasure to restore their furniture to the level of excellence that they intended".

When Popular Mechanics needed an expert for their article "How to Restore Furniture" they came to Mike.


Mike in his Brooklyn shop, open every Saturday 12-5pm


Mike with wife and business partner, Leecia

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