About Clocks


Vintage clocks are generally very well-made pieces of small machinery and should be treated as such. Before we offer one for sale to our customers, it must pass a series of tests to prove itself worthy of our roster. In many cases, we're able to find clocks that meet our standards when they come in and, needing only a light cleaning, are ready to go without further attention. In other cases a particular clock may need some work to start running again. Whether it receives a cleaning and proper oiling, or needs the movement skillfully replaced, or, in rare cases, attention from a full-time professional clock repair person, you can rest assured that your vintage clock purchase from I Like Mikes will meet and in many cases exceed your expectations.

However, it is important to be aware that some of these motors are many decades old and sometimes have a little hum, or perhaps, especially with the older battery movements, don't keep time quite as accurately as the new quartz movements. This is not to say that they are unreliable, but where a quartz movement may lose a nominal10-15 seconds per month, a vintage battery movement may lose a few (still relatively nominal) minutes per month. As a practical matter, they tell time just fine -- just don't use them for any CIA operations or the like. Use your phone like the other 20 billion people in the world for your Patriot Games, eh?

So, in closing, please read what we've written about any clock you are about to buy, so that you are not surprised to find yourself with an 8-day wind-up or an audible tick-tock or an electric cord that you weren't expecting. Please also know that we 100% guarantee that they will be running when you open them up but make no guarantees once they become part of your decor. All that's left now is for you to enjoy your vintage clock for the aesthetically superior piece that it is!