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Nude carved wood sculptural table lamp by most likely Heifetz, although we are not 100% sure because there is no label present. But the craftsmanship and quality of materials certainly points to a high-end piece no matter who produced this wonderful lamp. The choice of this particular piece of wood, with knots in just the right places to represent the female form anatomically, is deserving of almost as much praise and admiration as is the skill to ‘round’ it all out. Elegance, refinement, confidence, beauty, mystique…hey wait a minute – I almost forgot this was a lamp. Well, my guess is that she will have the same effect on you and yours whenever you come into her presence. She will light up your life, your outlook and your lookout into the room when the sun goes down.


Sculpture in perfect condition, new wiring, base shows very minor wear, but nothing that in any way detracts. 100% structurally sound. Shade is fiberglass and original to the era but not original to the lamp, and also in mint condition.


Base to finial: 40.75"; to base of bulb is 33" H; sculpture including base is 23.5" H x 8" x 5"

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