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This beautiful painting was one of Renoir’s late nudes, and additionally one of very few that feature a nude woman in an interior setting. As the title says, she is a “nude on cushions”, not in nature as most of his many earlier, better known nudes had been. As an aside, lovely Gabrielle was the nanny before she became one of Renoir’s favorite subjects. We’ll just let THAT be though, eh? He luckily missed the "Access Hollywood" era so why hold his feet to the fire now. But there was lotsa smoke and 'nuff said.

Instead, let’s discuss this sumptuous reproduction, this very impressive piece in its own right. A painting of a sort, a high quality print presented on board and featuring a skillfully applied brushed-on glaze and even, underneath, what appears to be layers of paint. We cannot be completely sure of the process, but we can assure you that it is almost as rich and evocative as we imagine the original might be. Part of the magic is that this representation is also quite old, dating from the early to mid-20th century—not long after the original was painted in 1906. The classic gilt frame is solid wood and quite substantial and it's notable that it is very similar to the frame which 'framed' the original when it sold for over ten million dollars.

There are two small places of damage worth noting, where some minor loss of the image has occurred, but in the overall impact they do not register much. In fact, they only serve to accentuate the fact that this is not a new reproduction and in fact is truly an antique. In fact, although several of his paintings are available in poster or otherwise reprinted form, this particular work is not. So yes, the original was definitely art meant to hang in a wealthy home or even a museum and although we don’t want to make assumptions about your net worth or future prospects, it's highly possible that this is the closet you will be able to come to having an actual Renoir on your wall…happily, from an aesthetic point of view, it’s pretty close. Maybe even have a bit of fun with your dimmer friends...

40" Long x 19" H x 2" Deep


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