Los Angeles 1984 Olympics Commemorative Telephone with Gymnast Sculpture

I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern

Los Angeles will host the Olympics in 2028, which brings back memories from the 1984 Summer Olympics, also in the city of angels. The LA games were a huge hit, in no small part due to the women’s gymnastics team and Miss Mary Lou Retton, who catapulted herself (literally) into being America’s sweetheart in one smile-inducing routine.

This AT&T telephone was made as a tie-in to those games, a series of phones featuring pewter sculptures by sculpture Marcel Jovine. Happily, we have the best of that remarkable series here: the elegant gymnast, with leg extended high. Had it been made after the games, it might have resembled Mary Lou a bit more...but no matter, she is lovely. The telephone works well, with a pull down front to reveal push buttons. This is a rare and unique desk telephone, the perfect gift for any Olympic fan.

9.5" W x 6.75" D x 13" H (to tip of toe)

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