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Designed by Italian designer Gianfranco Frattini and produced in Italy by Cassina, this original square chrome and glass coffee table exudes authentic 1970s glamour because it is...well, authentically 1970s glamourous.

This table was purchased new in the 1970s by a design-loving Manhattanite who used it lovingly for nearly 50 years before allowing us to offer it to you here.

The tubular stainless steel legs have been polished back to their high gleam, which plays off the shine of the mirrored top. This table compliments an overall interior aesthetic, but also stands alone as a signature mid-century piece of functional design.

Metal and glass are, afterall, highly resilent, as can be seen by the near-perfect condition of this vintage table. Ingeniusly, the glass sits comfortably on top of the base with the help of four molded plastic corner pieces designed to hold it snugly until you are ready to lift it off, at which point it easily lifts up or sits back down. 

35 7/16" W x 14 9/16" H

-Pick up in Brooklyn, or delivery anywhere in NYC free of charge.
-Freight shipping available, but not included in the price.

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